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Javi D. Cervantes

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Javi D. Cervantes is a costume technician/designer & artist from Garden City, Kansas. They obtained a BFA in Costume Construction at Webster University’s Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts. They are an artist that takes interest in things they find to be cute and somewhat creepy. Teddy bears/plushies, toys, insects, and the human body are areas they like to distort or disport. They see their life as a walking piece of art. A performance of constant creation, presentation and critique. For every step they take, they are sure to discover something new!

Javi is someone who loves to create and challenge what they know. Curious what the world contains and has to offer. Pushing boundaries as an athlete by aiming for a sub 16 minute 5k or creating art that questions gender normality to promote conversations of how we perceive society, is something they do on their free time.

Ambitious to grow in any shape or form, for knowledge comes unlimited power, and with power comes responsibilities. 

Family, fashion, art, & traveling are their biggest inspiration in life!

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